My 48 Hours with The Killing

Spoiler alert: This post includes details from the finale. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve been warned.

The Killing

You may remember back in May we had a guest post by Robin about AMC’s newest show, The Killing. I meant to start watching it back then, but of course I was distracted by all the other shows’ finales. Finally this past Saturday I went to start watching it and realized all the episodes were only available until Monday! As one who is always up for the challenge of marathoning through a show, I got right to work. And lucky for me the finale was Sunday night, so I didn’t have to wait long to find out who killed Rosie Larsen. Or so I thought.

Now, if you watch this show (and maybe even if you don’t), you’re probably aware of the controversy surrounding the finale. I’ve read lots of articles and comments on those articles, and it seems that half of the fan base was disappointed with the finale and half loved it.

All season, Detective Holder has been the comic relief of the show as well as one of the more popular characters among viewers. I, too, have enjoyed him. It always kind of confused me that he’s a detective, though. He seems more gangster than I would expect for someone in law enforcement. Plus he’s a recovering meth addict. But hey, we all have our problems.

Joel Kinnaman

Joel Kinnaman as Detective Holder

People – myself included – were shocked to learn that he fabricated evidence to have the councilman convicted of Rosie’s murder. The last few minutes of the show left me with several questions:

  • Who was Holder talking to in the car? (Gwen? Jamie? Someone else?)
  • Did Belko actually kill the councilman?
  • Will Linden jump right back on a plane to Seattle once she gets to Sonoma? After all, the case isn’t done!
  • Did Rosie’s mom really leave her family? How can she think her sons don’t need her?
  • Will we ever find out who actually killed Rosie?

I’ve read a lot of theories as to who really killed Rosie, but the most popular choice seems to be Gwen. When she overheard the councilman using the same line on Linden as he used on her – “Look at me, you know I’m telling the truth.” – she looked truly freaked out. But some are saying that was a look of guilt, or perhaps the look of someone who just figured out how to make the councilman look even guiltier. After all, if Linden already thinks it’s him and his girlfriend says he slipped out of bed and came home soaking wet hours later, why wouldn’t she believe it? My only issue with this theory is that at the very end when Holder was talking to the mystery person in the car, Gwen was watching the councilman get taken away. Unless these scenes weren’t supposed to be happening simultaneously, she couldn’t have been in both places at once.

Theory #2: Maybe it was Jamie who killed her. Theory 2.5: Maybe Jamie and Gwen are in on it together, and Jamie was in the car with Holder while Gwen was watching herself get away with murder.

I think it’s safe to say the councilman didn’t do it. If he did, I think I’ll have a whole new set of questions. I just hope they wrap this murder up early next season because I don’t know how much longer I can handle not knowing.

One last thing – I came up with a couple other questions after reading other viewers’ takes on the finale. First of all, if Rosie was working as a high-end escort when she was abducted, why was she wearing sneakers? That doesn’t make sense. And second, didn’t Rosie’s dad use their savings to buy a house? It’s not like he blew it all in a casino or something. I don’t understand why he didn’t just explain that to his wife and say he’s working on selling the house and getting the money back.

I guess I have about a year before I get my answers. If you watched the finale, let me know what you think about the ending and who did it.


3 thoughts on “My 48 Hours with The Killing

  1. Where to start, where to start. First of all, as I was watching Holder all evening,who will heretofore be referred to as Gansta, I thought he seemed off. In fact, I texted a friend to say something is off about him. And was it ever. Oh sweet Gangsta what have you become. Now my theory.

    We shall call it Theory #4:

    Gangsta is working with Crazy Web Hooker Aunt, I’m sorry but I can’t remember anyone’s names. They are about the same age, and no one is telling me she doesn’t have a drug problem or hang out with druggies. So, she is blackmailing Gangsta for his previous indiscretions as a meth addict. Something related to his sister and her kids, who randomly appeared last week as the center of his universe. Now, why is Crazy Web Hooker Aunt involved. She is in love with Rosie’s Daddy, Poor Anger Management Guy. She had heard about Creeper Politician from Alona Tal (my favorite btw) and decided to use it to set up Mitch as a bad mother. She, in fact, she did not intend to kill her but only bring attention to her casino whoring ways. Then she could step in and fix the family.

    Something went wrong with her plan and Rosie was dying. Creeper Politician was actually trying to save Rosie, hence why he went back to bed soaking wet. And then Crazy Web Hooker Aunt and Gangsta planned the set up.

    Now I may be right , I may be wrong, but I’ll tell you this. It was not one Bennet Ahmet, as I predicted in my previous guest post. You are now free to wander back to Being Erica in peace.

    • Wow! You’ve given this a lot of thought – I like it! I’m not sure I can get behind the Aunt as the murderer…it seems like a stretch. I mean, if she’s in love with Rosie’s dad I hardly think killing his daughter is the way to win him over. I think I need to rewatch the finale – or at least the end of it – and see if I can get any clues from it. We’ll reconvene after that 🙂

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