It’s a sad, sad day

As an avid TV watcher, one of my most prized possessions is my cable box – it stores all of my regularly scheduled shows on the DVR, allows me to watch my favorite episodes (and movies) over and over again On Demand, and up until now, has never let me down.  As of Tuesday, June 7, my cable box died; it breathed its last breath; it’s officially dunzo.

Even worse, the “new” cable box I received was defective. It’s like the TV Gods are trying to play a cruel trick on me. Guess who’s not laughing…

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I don’t know what to do with myself after work. My room is filled with the quiet void of nothingness. At work I’m on the outside of the entertaining lunch convos discussing what happened on Franklin & Bash the night before. I don’t get to enjoy re-runs of Glee season 2 in preparation for New Directions’ arrival in DC. And I missed the Real World Vegas Reunion last night (yes, I still watch after all these years).

On the other hand, I get to do really fun things like laundry and reading books and walking my monstrous (but adorable) puppy in the 95 degree heat. Of course, by fun, I mean boring, awful, miserable, etc. These things tend to fall to the bottom of the list.

But I have a plan. A catch-up schedule if you will for when that lovely new box arrives.





9:00 AM

Love Bites Rookie Blue

3:00 PM

Rookie Blue Friday Night Lights

4:00 PM

Gossip Girl Friday Night Lights

5:00 PM

Gossip Girl Friday Night Lights

6:00 PM

Gossip Girl

9:00 PM

Franklin & Bash

10:00 PM

Franklin & Bash

11:00 PM

Love Bites

12:00 AM


Keep in mind the above plan requires having little to no life this weekend.

Aggressive? Very. Doable? Absolutely! Likely? Ehh…



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