Guest Post: The Killing

While I am usually a bit of a CW girl, AMC has produced some really innovative and interesting shows in the past few years. From Mad Men to Walking Dead to this season’s The Killing, AMC has made me change the channel on my beloved teen dramas.

Encouraged by the plentiful voicemail messages from my sister informing me “I had to watch The Killing,” I decided to give it a whirl. So with that I tuned into Seattle’s murderous scene. The show reminded me of a much rainier version of the short–lived series “Happy Town,” which apparently I was the only person to ever watch, hence the short-lived part.

The Pilot got off to kind of a slow start in search of the missing Rosie, but has quickly taken off.  Apparently non-teen dramas actually take time for character development as opposed to the fast-paced world of Gossip Girl where all you need to know is they are rich, like to scheme and shop a lot. Anyway, once we got a feel for the lives of the characters things started moving along, and quickly! I will say there are not many shows that leave me questioning the motives of the 16 year old best friend, but in this case I trust no one!

With our resident detective who wants nothing more than to leave Seattle to get married, her new partner who relates to the teen drug scene by smoking up with the students, and a myriad of other quirky residents, viewers don’t know where to turn next. As the mystery begins to unfold, I am faced with another mystery – how is Rosie’s teacher on this show and on Being Erica? This has automatically made him the killer in my mind. How long can he be on both shows? And since I adore his character on Being Erica, clearly he needs to get off The Killing! Just look at him, all smug thinking “I’m on two shows they’ll never know it’s me!” Oh I do my friend, I do.

So for right now, here’s what I think: All these storylines seem very disjointed, which means they must fit together eventually, right? Also, I really don’t care who wins the election… and if one of them killed Rosie, can we just get to it because they are boring me. Michelle Forbes is amazing!  ‘Nuff said there.  Her husband does appear to be scary past guy so we’ll see.

As is typical with their brand of entertainment, AMC has not created a show but an event. With games and an extra-special fun-filled The Killing website, viewers like me can go pick their favorite suspect and explore and investigate other crime scenes. Hours of fun and time wasted. I haven’t had this much fun on a TV-based website since Lost.

General analysis: Enjoyable show that I can watch with my husband – unlike the CW shows – which is a bonus. Will totally keep watching to find out who did it.

Overall Rating:

4 Girl Remotes out of 5. If they focus less on the election the score would go up.

– Robin


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