Will There Be a Season 3?

Parenthood is by far one of the best shows on TV right now. And I realize that’s a huge statement to make, but it is just so so so good each and every week – from the writing to the acting, I can’t get enough of the Braverman clan! The fact that season three is in question, boggles my mind. It’s heart-wrenching, it’s dramatic, it’s fun, it’s real life.

Rather than critique the season finale (which had me in tears within 10 seconds, by the way), here are some thoughts on one of my favorite families:

Adam & Kristina

As a couple, they are fantastic. It’s fun to watch them bounce off each other, both having their moments of complete insanity. And I’ve got to say, Adam was so out of line with Haddie’s boyfriend. I understand he’s a concerned parent, but if my dad EVER mentioned the word condom or anything related to sex to my boyfriend, I would probably kill him. It’s not his place and inappropriate on so many levels, including the fact that the family was in the emergency room waiting to see if Amber was okay after the car accident. In other news, Kristina is pregnant and happens to find out the same day Adam gets fired. They just can’t catch a break! Should be interesting to see how they cope next season (yes, I’m assuming there will be one).


Let me start off by saying, I’m pretty sure Lauren Graham can do no wrong. I loved her in Gilmore Girls and I love her in this as well. I’m glad to see things are finally going Sarah’s way and her career is taking off in a positive direction with the play being produced. I know the struggling character is so much more interesting, but I hope good things continue to come for Sarah next season. Now on to her children… I thought Amber was over the whole rebellious thing? I get it, she didn’t get in to college, and it sucks. But when she pushed her mother to the ground; I wanted to jump through the TV and smack her! And poor Drew tries to step in and help, but there’s nothing he can do. The kid is always being overshadowed by the rest of the drama in his life. Oh well, he’s not the only one lost in the shuffle on the show.

Julia & Joel

I have to say, I was not a fan of this couple at first, but I think the writers and actors have really softened them up a bit, making them a lot more personable. Especially with the current storyline, you really feel for Julia. It’s heart breaking to watch her struggle with the fact that she can’t have any more kids and trying desperately to keep Sydney close when all she wants to do is be a kid. And Joel stands by her no matter what. I would love to see Joel get more screen time. With such a large cast his character often gets pushed to the backburner. Give him something to work with!

Crosby & Jasmine

I’m SO over the back and forth of will they or won’t they get back together. Crosby messed up BIG TIME and I hate him for it, but Jasmine needs to either say she’s done and mean it or give the guy a chance to fix it. Randomly showing up and supporting the family is confusing for Crosby. On the one hand I get that she cares for the Bravermans like family and wants to stay in touch for Jabbar’s sake, but her actions and words don’t match up. I think the end of the season left the couple in a good place and I’d like to see them continue to move forward as a couple, eventually moving on from the incident.

Zeek & Camille

Camille is another one of those characters that doesn’t get any screen time. The writers tried to give her a storyline, but it was just boring. Unfortunately, I don’t think I would notice if we never saw her again, which is a shame because I LOVE Zeek. As the patriarch of the family, he takes control and really brings everyone together. Whether it was putting Max in his place at the hospital or telling Amber to snap out of it, he says what’s on his mind at all times, no holding back. Unlike Camille, he doesn’t need his own storyline because he’s so involved with the issues in everyone else’s life.

So I leave you with this question: Will Parenthood be back for a third season and do they deserve it?



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