Not So Gleeful Over Glee This Week

After waiting 4 weeks for a new episode of Glee, I have to say I was highly disappointed with this week’s episode. As great as it was to see Cory Monteith and Mark Salling in all their beauty (although their screen time was very limited!), I was hoping for a little more excitement.

From the beginning, I found it hard to believe Will Schuster really thought the Glee club could raise enough money for their trip to NYC just buy selling salt water taffy. I also found it hard to believe that $5,000 was enough money to send the entire club to NYC, but I won’t dwell on that.

None of the songs really impressed me, either. Granted, Sunshine Corazon and Mercedes are both fantastic singers, I didn’t really get into either performance. And as great of a dancer as Mike Chang is, I was bored during his performance, too. Maybe I’m just partial to the pop songs that everyone dances to because these ballads were not cutting it for me.

I found the diva act Mercedes pulled during the episode to be more annoying than amusing. While it was funny that she wanted to dry her hands on fluffy puppies, I thought the concept of a high school glee club member who gets slushied on a regular basis being a diva was a bit far-fetched (not that this show really focuses on realism…).

Mercedes - with her new manager, Lauren - thankfully ended her reign as Diva

The only part of the show I particularly enjoyed was when Will helped Emma clean her grapes during lunch. I’m also glad Holly Holliday ended her relationship with Will and told him that Emma is in love with him. I’m a big Wemma supporter, so any step they take toward getting together is well-received by me!

Finally, I know a major theme of the show is that no one likes the Glee kids, but just once I’d really like it if they could catch a break! The students seem really into their performances at pep rallies, so why won’t anyone go to their shows?!

I’m hoping that next week’s 90-minute Lady Gaga episode is more exciting than this one. But, if not, at least we’ll get to see Cory and Mark for an extra 30 minutes 🙂



2 thoughts on “Not So Gleeful Over Glee This Week

  1. I think you are absolutely right! The songs weren’t fun, Mercedes was a brat and Rachel didn’t sing! I was completely blah about it!

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